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Vibrant Blue Oils Digest (5ML)

Vibrant Blue Oils Digest (5ML)

SKU: VIB0101

Vibrant Blue Oils Digest (5ML)

Digest™ balances intestinal activity, assisting upset stomach, indigestion, belching, bloating, food poisoning, heartburn, motion sickness, morning sickness, diarrhea, and eliminating parasites.

Formulated to optimize digestion, helping balance intestinal activity and alleviate indigestion, cramps, upset stomach, vomiting, belching, bloating, heartburn, gas, colic, nervous tension, anxiety and stress. Beneficial in relieving discomfort, motion sickness, jet lag, morning sickness, urinary tract infections, diarrhea, and alleviating parasites.

Vibrant Blue Oils Digest™ blend contains a proprietary formulation of organic and/or wild crafted essential oils of Fennel Seed, Ginger Root, Juniper Berry, Peppermint, Cypress, and Frankincense in a base of fractionated coconut oil. 

How to use Digest™:
Designed for aromatic and topical use. If using topically, we recommend 2-3 drops over the stomach area or apply a hot wet towel compress. Apply behind the ears for morning sickness. Inhale and apply over stomach for motion sickness. Make sure your skin can handle the oil/blend before using.  Dilute to start or if any redness occurs.  For Aromatic Usage, hold the bottle under nose for 3 or 4 breaths.

When to use Digest™:
To aid with any stomach upset, apply 2- 3 times daily to the area of discomfort.